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This page contains all of Uncle Remus Pages' favorite sites. Your site can be a part of this page by e-mailing me your website URL and upon approval it will be added to this page. There are some restrictions please read them at the bottom of this page. I hope you like the links below and remember to add your name to the Song of the South Petition.


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Visit Armand Gagnon's Fucking Glasses His essay, tales of Brer Rabbit as spun by Uncle Remus (One Viewer's Opinion) can be viewed by visiting his website.

Restrictions: Your website must have family content meaning no adult material, indecent images or objectionable language. I do not promote or will link to any site that directly sells Song of the South videos. Your website must be approved before a link or banner will be added to this page. Your website should not be a promotional advertisement or a store in which relies on sales of products or services.

Legal Restrictions: Your website link or banner can be pulled off the Links Page at any time if these restrictions are not followed. also has the right to change content on this page and the right to remove any links or banners that's on this page at any time. A new window will pop-up once a link or banner above is clicked on. This will preserve the original site the visitor has clicked on. does not post ad banners or links in which it gets paid for as this is a free website and doesn't rely on funding. is not responsible for any� of the content of these links on this page only to exclude what is contained on

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